Let's tell stories.

I'll make sure they can't take their ears off you. 



I'm Rachel. I'm a freelance copywriter, editor, and communications consultant.

In other words, I'm a grammar geek with a runaway imagination.

I believe a great story can change habits, minds, even the whole world.

They can also drive traffic, build brand loyalty, and get you more business.

If your organisation needs help finding its stories - or telling them - I can help.

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more website traffic

At Penguin Random House, I used clever content strategy to increase website visits by almost half.
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happy book lovers

Taking a look at the words that visitors commonly searched for on helped me make the site's top-performing piece of website content. Ever.

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of minds changed

Almost half of the young people who saw my Swing The Vote content campaign for youth charity vInspired said it changed the way they thought about voting and politics.
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From writing tips and storytelling inspiration to the most interesting things I've seen and read lately - you'll find it all on my blog.


4 steps to crafting compelling case studies

So you’ve got a great case study that shows the impact of your work. But how can you turn it into a story that will really inspire people to support your organisation? Here’s my quick guide.

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5 tips for writing like a human being

If you’re worried your business copy might leave readers thinking they’re the last survivor of a cyborg invasion, try these tactics out in your next blog, ad or article...

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need a big idea? ask a small question

"Creativity loves constraints.”  I used to think this couldn’t be more wrong. Surely all the best ideas come from ditching the rules and just letting your imagination run free? Well, actually, no...

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why intimacy is the key to writing for audio

What audio enthusiasts love is that, more than any other format, it makes us feel like we’re right back in our childhood bedrooms, listening to a story that’s just for us...

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Rachel is a brilliant copywriter, she really understands how brands work and she brings serious creativity to everything she does.

Phil newby, head of marketing, barbican centre